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Scalp problems present themselves from infancy through old age. Typically the flaking and exudations have a cause similar to what was discussed in Dryness.

Ordinary flaking of  the scalp is often caused by harsh cleansers, especially those formulated for dandruff! These products work by suppressing normal scalp functions and the user often finds himself in a vicious circle of product addiction as soon as the product is withdrawn, the condition re-appears.

In some cases, the formulator will use sulfur or in others coal tar solutions. These can be very drying and again, aggravate the condition.

The simple solution is to discontinue these products and undergo a rather unsightly transition for a week or so. The use of 302 Serum or 302 Drops and C-Boost on alternating days, applied with Acne Mist usually will rapidly reduce the problem along with the sensation of itching and irritation. Washing the hair with Oily/Combination Cleanser daily will complete the regime and see a visible reduction and usually elimination of flaking in short order.

Rapid loss of hair usually has a systemic source and this can range from environmental toxin exposure to medications to a radical diet change. This is a medical workup, not something for esthetics, except to strengthen the hair shaft, which can be done most effectively by a combination of 302 Drops and Lightening Drops (or C-Boost) applied on alternating days and cleansing with Oily/Combination Cleanser.  Also see Chemotherapy.

General male pattern baldness is marked by papillary gland dysfunction or senescence of those cells. The conventional biochemical explanation of hormonal secretions that cannot be properly metabolized due to age limited cell functionality is a limited description of a more global problem. In fact, recent work on regeneration of papillary gland cells through stem cell workups demonstrates nearly 100% success in recovery of male pattern baldness. The clinical procedures for that will be forthcoming within less than 2 years and for those that can afford it, baldness will fast recede as an esthetic concern.

We have observed a rejuvenation of papillary gland functionality when 302 Drops and C-Boost or Lightening Drops are conscientiously applied to the scalp on alternate days. This treatment works as well and often far better than specific retinoids now in use for hair loss.

see also: Dermatitis: Seborrheic Dermatitis