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Radiation Reactions

• Radiation Dermatitis Treatment
• Radiation Cancer Treatment

Radiation Dermatitis Treatment

There are many different forms of dermatitis and the treatments provided are more or less successful in managing the problem.

In some cases, when nothing seems to alleviate the condition, the physician resorts to radiation treatments.  Radiation dermatitis treatment can be very effective in treating the very severe cases of dermatitis it comes at a price. A course of radiation dermatitis treatment is very expensive and results in radiation fibrosis, an inflammatory condition of excessive crosslinking that causes scarring of the skin and other tissues.

In these instances, it will be very helpful to prepare the skin at least 30 days prior to radiation treatment with 302 Drops or 302 Serum.

302 Regime: Radiation Dermatitis Treatment

Be certain to patch test all products

Pre-Radiation Treatment

Wash with Face & Body Bar OR Sensitive Cleanser; use Recovery Mist Rx for itching and apply 302 Serum to affected areas, once per day.

Wash with Sensitive Cleanser; use Recovery Mist Rx for itching and apply 302 Rosacea Drops to affected areas, once per day.

Post-Radiation Treatment

Continue regime

Continue regime, move from 302 Rosacea Drops to 302 Drops OR 302 Serum as soon as either is well tolerated.

Radiation Cancer Treatment

Radiation is administered to clients/patients in order to eliminate cancerous cells. This can be a long process over several weeks and even months.

Patients undergoing radiation therapy for cancer often experience painful skin problems after one or two weeks. This pain includes red, irritated skin that peels, looks and feels burned and it is not unusual for breast cancer sufferers to experience open wounds of great sensitivity.  Dryness is the very least of the skin problems.

Note that some patients may simultaneously have radiation treatments and Chemotherapy drugs.

Because the radiation kills or damage good cells along with ‘bad’ cells, the often painful radiation treatment experience cannot be lessened by preparation prior to the therapy. You must deal with what you have in front of you.

As soon as the radiation treatment begins, your client/patient should also begin actively caring for their skin.

Be certain client/patient avoids sunlight, anything too hot or too cold on the skin and scrubs and exfoliants. Sunlight exposure can play havoc during radiation treatments and for some time afterward.

We suggest cleansing with the Face & Body Bar OR Recovery Cleanser Rx; apply Recovery Mist Rx as needed to relieve itching and hydrate the area, up to 4 hours prior to treatment or as provided by the physician.

Avoid topical application of any product, including cleanser, within 4 hours of treatment session.

For minor rashes and redness and irritation, the use of Recovery Lotion Rx is acceptable AFTER the daily radiation treatment and the Recovery Mist Rx as needed, anytime.

For more severe rashes, open wounds and weeping or dry, cracked, suppurating skin areas, supply Ointment Rx, after treatment (nothing before 4 hours of radiation treatment).  This zinc oxide formula provides relief from itching and is easily applied. It will form a soothing, moisturizing protective, non-residue barrier that will rinse off easily with a wet sponge or direct irrigation with lukewarm water.

Ointment Rx is also very safe around the eyes; it contains no silicones, mineral oil or petrolatum.