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Itching plus rash usually indicates eczema, but there are many other possibilities, including poison ivy. It is vitally important to the comfort of the client to stop this sensation quickly.

302 has three products that will reduce this sensation on contact: Calming Mist, Recovery Mist Rx, and Acne Mist. The last product has more of a focus on anti-bacterial activity from the polyphenols of green tea and mild exfoliation with enzymes. But all three incorporate bio-saponins from the tree bark of a species grown on Venuatu in the South Pacific which is harvested by sustainable methods and naturally extracted using water.  

The Calming Mist is excellent for day to day hydration and transient skin discomfort including redness and itching. The Recovery Mist Rx is a more concentrated product specifically formulated for clinical manifestations and it has gained an outstanding reputation among extremely sensitive oncology patients who have found relief nowhere else.

Itching indicates something more of course and your task is to isolate the cause, as was done in Dryness.  Many times the cause is internal and medications or diet can be involved.  

Clients may also be under the care of a physician who has prescribed various topicals, especially cortisone creams. 302 mists are compatible with these ointments, which the client may choose to discontinue because of relief provided by 302. Be certain to inform your client the necessity of discussing this with her physician.

For home care provide the 302 products, investigate as much as possible the client history to determine the cause of itching and what may lie below the surface.  If you have any concerns or questions, please consult with us.

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