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Eye Area


A common esthetic area of concern, the visible look of thin, weak or flabby eye area skin detracts from what otherwise might be an acid peeled face full of line-fillers, blooming from Fraxel-laser and seamless from Botox®.

Kidding aside, the eye area remains the last bastion of total topical product care to correct the condition of aging skin.  

Dark circles under the eyes are of enormous concern with many ethnic skin types and especially from those who have a fair skin that exaggerates a ‘raccoon’ look around the area.

Aging skin loses its elasticity and weakens; it thins ultimately to a stiff, impenetrable membrane and nowhere does this happen more dramatically and earlier than the eye area.

The reasons for that are an interesting journey into skin biology, but we will save that for the Knowledge Base.

Home Care

There is no specific 302 eye area “facial” though any of the hands-on’ facials will provide an eye area component. See Procedures for these.   

Dark circles can be pigment or trapped blood from sinus allergies or infections. Dilating the blood vessels in the eye area often can help in moving that dried, trapped blood, which may have been present for years even decades. Applied ultrasound energy while it would be effective around the eye orbit is not recommended due to the proximity of the eyeball and the possibility of injury to it.

Dilation can be effected by B-Boost, a 302 Back Bar only product. Several treatments spread a week apart, more or less, will usually help ‘clear’ the appearance of many dark circles caused by trapped, dried blood in eye area capillaries.

Dark circles caused by pigmentation can be addressed also by B-Boost, to varying degrees of success, but more often the best results occur from home care with Lightening Drops applied on an every other day basis, along with Eye Firming Serum.  The serum can be applied twice daily and layered on several times, pausing about 30 seconds between applications. This is one of the very few leave on products in 302 that we permit more than once daily application

While Eye Firming Serum contains peptides and amino acids that are constituent parts of skin cell metabolism, these proteins cannot directly become involved with skin metabolism in the cell, in other words the effect is one of makeup – as is any application of protein onto the skin (e.g. collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, peptides, enzymes, etc).

Nevertheless, the breakdown byproducts of these peptides, which are weak acids, to provide a slight stimulating effect and create a desirable skin histology. The use of Avogen™ (avocatin 302) around the eye area is always helpful (see 302 Serum or 302 Drops) and may be alternated with the Lightening Drops. This combination provides the most effective reconstruction approach to weak dermis and epidermis in the eye area anywhere. It is the ‘state of the art.’