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Skincare Products
302 lightening drops

fades spots, removes red blotchy look
restores look to sun damaged areas
natural and organic formula
acid-free pigment control
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A clear lipid, formula incorporating an acid-free Vitamin C (tetrahexydecylascorbate - THDCA) that delivers itself to cellular receptors via an enzymatic cascade that will not irritate the skin as does pure ascorbic acid when applied topically. The scientific literature attests to the efficacy of the THDCA metabolites in calming red blotchy skin and fading out spots and uneven tone. The appearance of melasma and cholasma can often be significantly reduced as well. Stimulating optimum skin functions through THDCA  helps to reduce formation of lipofuscin, a waste product that progressively accumulates in and around skin cells as we age. Deep dermal recovery of elastic tissue and better quality protein are also reported in the clinical literature.

Low molecular weight ascorbate ester is the active ingredient in a base of avocado and jojoba lipids; easily spread, rapidly penetrating, hydrating, self-preserved in 1 ounce amber glass pump bottle with unit carton and 4 ounce white PET back bar bottle with pump. Patented and Patents Pending.

Very high concentration of vitamin C (non-acid form) leads to immediate, visible improvement to red blotchy skin through skin receptors that trigger an anti-inflammatory response. Applications limited to several times per week will progressively fade pigment spots and smooth texture, tone and color. Gains in dermal protein have also been observed under proper dose scheduling so as not to shrink receptor population. Literature attests to vitamin C inducing skin resistance to sun damage, especially just prior to sun exposure.

Esthetic Results
Evens out tone, skin smoothing, wrinkle reduction, pigmentation reduction

Apply 2-3 times per week, mornings or evenings, after cleansing. More frequent application may reduce benefits. Leave face wet after washing, apply Drops evenly and use light ,upward strokes to massage in well.

Topical use only. Apply to test area and wait 24 hours. If irritation develops, discontinue.

Phyto-lipids of avocado, organic jojoba oil, tetrahexyldecylascorbate, lavender oil, tangerine and mint extracts

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