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Face & Body Bar

Formulated around a unique avocado extract, this long lasting, ultra mild, skin-softening, cleansing bar is complete treatment product all by itself.

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Sodium palmitate/cocoate, glycerin, avocado extracts, PPG methyl glucose ester, C12-15 alkyl benzoate, pentasodium penetate, tetrasodium edtidronate


Use as you would any bar, be certain to rinse well, warm water, wash cloth preferred. For extra softening, you may also allow bar to soak into the skin for a minute or so and then rinse. Perfect for face and body. Mix with 302 Treatment Cleanser for extra softening. See TIPS & TRAPS for more information.


302 Face & Body Bar does much more than simply clean without dryness. 302 Face & Body Bar can soften skin noticeably on first application. It has great versatility - from oily, thickened skin all the way to fragile, tender skin.

On the face: many people use 302 Face & Body Bar twice per day to great benefit. But as a general rule, once a day on the face is best and for some, once every other day. The 302 Face & Body Bar is ACTIVE. For some sensitive skin types, it may be too active to use every day on the face especially after a chemical exfoliation or peel, (clue: skin will 'pink' excessively and moisturizers or sunscreen for example, will itch upon application). In these instances, alternate days with another mild cleanser.

On the body: every day use is fine.

*Note: on fragile skin, gently cleanse. If irritation or redness are present, rinse very gently with as little water as possible. Remember, even water can be an irritant to those who have dermatitis.

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