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A powerful retinoid (Vitamin A) to be used sparingly on sun-damaged and heavily wrinkled skin or for skin that is congested by acne. Improves skin thickness and resilience, promotes visible blemish reduction, increases cell turnover and blood vessel formation, reduces waste buildup and clears skin congestion.

Recommended for Aging, Acne, and Pigmentation regimes - follow with Ointment Rx. Synergistic with the 302 compound and Vitamin C.

Clarity should be applied sparingly and increases skin photosensitivity.

Do not scrub or use abrasives if skin is flaking from use of Clarity.

1 ounce tube with unit carton. Patented and Patents Pending.

Helps promote visible blemish reduction by controlling cell proliferation near the sebaceous gland, preventing buildup of  bacteria growth leading to comedones from this excess activity.

This action visibly improves or eliminates troublesome acne problems naturally, safely.

Increases cell turnover and blood vessel formation, reduces waste buildup in the skin, clears skin congestion and deep seated pigment cells dormant in the extracellular matrix, improves skin thickness and resilience.

Esthetic Results
Skin smoothing.

Instructions: Skin rejuvenation
For rejuventating aging skin, do not apply more than 2x per week in a wash off application, OR 1x per week as a leave-on. Follow with Calming Mist and Ointment Rx.

Some pinking, flaking and mild itching may occur, especially following first application. These symptoms will normally disappear after a day or two.

Instructions: Irritated skin with pustular acne or congestion
(Types 1 & 2 Acne)

If inflammation/irritation is present and skin is also somewhat congested, apply Clarity prior to cleansing, leave on for 1-2 minutes and then wash off.  If irritation worsens and persists after first wash-off application do not reapply product.

Some pinking, slight itching and flaking is normal for some users. If using product prior to washing, do not exceed 3x per week even if well tolerated.

If inflammation/irritation develops and persists, discontinue product. Spray face with Calming Mist and apply Ointment Rx to reduce irritation and redness.


Pustular acne or congestion, irritation present (Type 3 Acne)

Apply Clarity prior to cleansing for the first two applications, spaced two days apart. If well tolerated, and pustular congestion continues, continue 2x per week pre-cleasing application and 1x per week as a leave on.

Follow with Calming Mist and Ointment Rx.

Photosensitizer avoid sunlight.

Use mineral powder sunscreen such as Recovery Minerals or Ointment Rx to counter photo-sensitivity when using this product.

Topical use only. Apply to small test area and wait 24 hours.

Not advised during pregnancy or nursing. If irritation develops, discontinue.

Do not scrub or use abrasives if skin is flaking from use of Clarity.

Certified organic extract of ECGC from green tea in an aqueous base, retinyl acetate, urea, polyglucose derived surfactant, mixed silicones, glucose sesquistearate, camphor, mint and tangerine extract.


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